Welcome to The Flower Stand- your source for locally grown, sustainable, fresh cut flowers.

Many things determine bloom times the flowers we grow.

Sunshine, rain and weather are in Nature’s control.

Please be aware that farm fresh blooms come on Nature’s timetable.

At the peak, our farm can provide you with over 100 varieties of annual & perennial flowers.

2018 U-Pick Flower Information

  • U-Pick flowers are sold by the stem. Most stems are $.50.
  • A handful of other flowers range from $1 – $3 with prices clearly marked.
  • There’s a calculator and paper at the U-Pick station on the side of The Flower Stand.
  • Please add 8.75% sales tax to your order before dropping money in the mailbox.
  • Areas and plants that may be picked from are clearly marked.
  • Some areas are “no-pick” zones or may be late season plantings.
  • Select your stems and cut on an angle at the length you desire.
  • Please try not to cut the stem so low that you’re taking many young buds with you.
  • You can strip the foliage in the field or at home.
  • Foliage under water will produce bacteria and diminish the life of your flowers
  • Immediately place your flowers into water.
  • We love pets but please keep yours at home, our flowers have been trampled by our sweet furry friends. Thank you!