“Ellen was extremely professional,confident and her presence made us feel so comfortable. Her knowledge of staging a home was amazing and she made our house become a warm and welcome home in a matter of hours.  She has a vision and gets right to work making that vision a reality.  We look forward to her return visit.” -Angela B. Forestville, NY

“Can you please provide me with a packet of your business cards and brochures? I have a number of people I’d like to introduce you to. ” Dennis J. Eagle Heights – Orchard Park, NY

“Wow! Very tastefully done. I had a couple of ideas in mind for the style of decor and Ellen just created a look that incorporated my ideas and the color scheme I already had. I knew for a fact that staging would help sell the house fast but it was truly a blessing when I had 9 showings, 2 offers and it sold in 3 days! I enjoyed working with Ellen because she’s straight forward, honest…. a professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking to get the most out of their asking price.” – Riko R. Buffalo, NY

“You are amazing.  Really, you are so good I would like to hire you to come and set up our new house.  Will you do that?  My gosh, we just watched you stop and think with your hand on your chin, and then all of the sudden you went full speed into staging mode.  Amazing, I never would’ve thought of these things.  This here and that there.  It’s like you get the vision and then go…… You took your time and made sure everything was perfect before the picture was taken.” -Sue C. Orchard Park, NY

“I was a little nervous at first but now I’m a believer.  My house was in need of a woman’s touch but it looks great and you didn’t spend any of my money .  The money I paid you was well worth the investment.  Staging, huh? That’s what it’s all about.  I’m a believer!” -Robert B. Springville, NY

“You really have a good eye.  I wish I would have had you here before we listed the house.” -Danielle T. Orchard Park, NY

“Drew and Ellen, WOW! You guys are fabulous. Thank you so much- my clients could not have said nicer words about both of you. They said you were so professional and took the time to ensure all the photos were perfect. Ellen- they just loved your staging.  I love you both as a team for our listings and I can’t wait for the next one.” -Nancy R. Realty USA (after a collaboration with Drew Zinck Photography)

“We started with the changes Ellen suggested and had a request for a showing before the house went on the market. We quickly implemented a few of the arranging suggestions, got a couple of rooms painted, spent a few hundred dollars on accessories and showed the house.  It sold – before it was listed!!   We love the changes so much – we really hate to sell the house now.  We have decided to implement the same type of suggestions in the new house so that we love the new house as much as we love the old. Thanks so much!” -Kelly Z. Esq. Pendleton, NY

“Thanks for keeping the email and communication lines open during this entire process.  The to-do list from the consultation was so easy to follow.  Thanks for coming back to help with the final touches.” -Elaine B. E. Amherst, NY

“I so wish I would have had you here before we decided we were going to move.  I never even considered the things you came up with!” -Annette J. Youngstown, NY

“Ellen words cannot even express my gratitude.  You didn’t even know me but you knew my heart was broken.  Your compassion, empathy, gentle nudging and insistence on one foot in front of the other (even if they were tiny baby steps) gave me a reason to get out of bed those few days.  I will never forget your kindness. Oh yes and the staging….. that was great too. ” -Karen T. West Seneca, NY

“OK you’re the best. Remember, you’re not one of the best, you are The Best At What You Do. Period.” -Bruce M. Lancaster, NY

“We should’ve had you here 10 yrs. ago when we moved in so we could’ve enjoyed this. We’ll give you a vacation to come down and do the new house. What do you think?” -Tara & Terry C. Cuba, NY

“I hired The Home Staging Source to help me move in and set up my new apartment. It would have taken me forever to get settled without Ellen’s help. What a pleasure to work with The Home Staging Source. Ellen is reasonably priced, works fast and efficient and really knows her stuff!” -Mark M. Arcade, NY

“I can’t believe how you just whizzed through this whole house and everything looks so different. It looks like there’s twice the space. It’s so pretty.” -Tara D. West Seneca, NY

“The new look is light and spacious. Have gotten lots of compliments on my newly acquired decorating skills.  Thank you so much for your help.” -Rick K. Evans, NY

“We absolutely love what you’ve done. I can’t believe how you lug all of these things around like it’s nothing. You work non-stop and were well worth the money……. no correction, well worth the investment!” -Phyllis M. Delevan, NY

“I found myself with the daunting task of packing up my childhood home after my Mom’s long illness. What seemed overwhelming went much smoother with Ellen’s help. She took great care with my family’s keepsakes treating them like her own. We worked side by side for hours. During a very emotional time for me, I feel like I’ve made a new friend.” -Julia D. Hamburg, NY

“Oh my goodness I couldn’t believe what Ellen did. I never would have thought to use my things the way she did. She made my house look incredible by spending very little money and using the things I already own in a new way. It looks fantastic. I want her to come and do the new house. Don’t hesitate!” -Sara S. Brierwood, C.C.

“We are so happy with what you’ve done. Everything looks so peaceful and balanced. We should have had you here a long time ago.” -Ellie M. Glenwood, NY